American Samoa Executive Order

Through an executive order, #004-2010, the American Samoa Renewable Energy Committee (ASREC) has been asked to deliver a long-term Strategic Energy Plan that focuses on decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and encouraging the introduction and adoption of renewable technology.


Due to fluctuating energy prices, natural disasters such as the September 2009 earthquake and tsunami, American Samoa has focused attention on the need to develop alternatives to its near 100% reliance on fossil fuels by implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy technology. American Samoa is in a unique position to rebuild more effectively and efficiently incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiency due to the almost total destruction of our power stations. American Samoa Renewable Energy Committee is undertaking a concerted effort to address current energy and environmental challenges. Due to our geographic isolation, non renewable resources are extremely limited and subject to large volatility in pricing and availability. Energy security is fundamental to American Samoa’s economic future and quality of living. Consequently, creating a stable investment atmosphere remains challenging, while the quality of life for residents and visitors continues to be affected.

American Samoa’s indigenous resources are abundant and could be considered in order to achieve energy diversity. Through appropriate study and discussion, ASREC will determine cost effective alternatives that will successfully support our vision.

The ASREC is a non-regulatory advisory group sponsored by the current Administration comprised of local volunteers from multi-sector stakeholder communities and supported by federal agencies and first convened in November 2010.