Wind Energy

Wind Resources Maps and Data of American Samoa

Introduction On behalf of the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA), AWS Truepower (AWST) completed a comprehensive wind resource modeling and mapping study for the Island of Tutuila.  The purpose of this project was to produce high-quality maps and gridded data sets characterizing the wind resource of American Samoa in support of renewable energy planning efforts.  Download the complete report ...
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ASREC Action Plan Update

August, 2014 In April, 2013, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga re-established the American Samoa Renewable Energy Committee (ASREC).  With the general goal of reducing petroleum fuel imports, ASREC immediately began work on a general, Territorial-wide Strategic Energy Plan and a working Energy Action Plan, outlining specific tasks, duties and deadlines.  Both of these plans were completed in August, 2013. In the Action Plan, three renewable strategies were identified, with a deadline for completion of October, 2016: Make the Manu’a Islands 100% renewable energy dependent, Deploy wind and solar power on Tutuila, and, Access the potential for geothermal power on Tutuila. Strategy ...
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Anemometer Project – Wind Study

Part of the American Samoa Power Authority’s (ASPA) long term goals for renewable energy includes Renewable Energy from Wind. The first phase will be conducting a wind study, by collecting wind data at potential sites throughout the main island of Tutuila. The ASPA plans the collection of wind data along the length of TutuilaIsland for over one year to better analyze the wind resources available on Tutuila. After initial survey and permission from land owners, the ASPA project team installed 12 sets of anemometers, wind vanes and data loggers, on 12 different site. Table of potential wind anemometer installation sites: ...
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