Solar Energy

Making a Visible Difference in Communities

As a result of ASREC’s Manu’a Islands 100% Renewable Energy Initiative, this outer island group has been chosen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of 50 communities to participate in this innovative program. (EPA website, March 2015) Environmental and public health impacts affect people most significantly where they live – at the community level. EPA is focused on providing better support to communities, especially in environmentally overburdened, underserved, and economically distressed areas where the needs are greatest. We are coordinating technical assistance and other resources across EPA programs, with States, Tribes, and local governments, and with other federal agencies to ...
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The Largest Solar Installation for American Samoa

New 1.75-MW system will decrease island’s dependency on diesel-powered generators  PAGO PAGO, AMERICAN SAMOA (April 10, 2012)—SunWize Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, recently completed the largest solar installation on the island of American Samoa in the South Pacific. Backed by the United States Department of Energy and the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA), the new 1.75-MW solar electric system took over five months to install. The installation marks a new beginning for the ASPA and the people it serves. American Samoa was completely dependent on diesel generators for all electrical power, but the new PV solar installation ...
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Ofu Solar Hybrid Project for the Manu’a Islands (RFP)

The primary objective of the Ofu Solar Hybrid Project is to establish a sustainable and functional renewable energy system in the village of Ofu, Manu’a. This renewable energy system shall be capable of providing reliable power to both Ofu and Olosega communities, on a 24-hour basis, and meet their domestic and light industrial needs in order to facilitate economic growth. 1. The project objectives are as follows: i. Design Solar Hybrid Energy System that will displace 90% of present diesel use.9 ii. Supply materials, equipment and supervise the installation of a PV system with a power rating of at least ...
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solar panels in American Samoa

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Power System Project

By AMERICAN SAMOA POWER AUTHORITY  Introduction American Samoa is a group of five inhabited islands and is a US territory located in the South Pacific. It has a population of approximately 55,000, with over 90% of its population residing on the main island of Tutuila. American Samoa has a semi-autonomous utility called the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) that provides Electric, Water, Waste Water, and Solid Waste utility service to its entire population. For the main island of Tutuila, ASPA provides power from two power plants, the Satala and Tafuna Power Plant. The total peak for the island is around ...
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