2016 American Samoa Energy Action Plan

Document Overview

The 2016 American Samoa Energy  Action Plan outlines actions being taken to reduce American Samoa’s petroleum consumption. It describes the four near-term strategies selected by the American Samoa Renewable Energy Committee (ASREC) during action-planning workshops conducted in May 2016, and describes the steps that will need to be taken to implement those strategies.

In August 2016, following the action-planning workshops, ASREC adopted a goal of having 50% of American Samoa’s energy come from renewable energy resources by 2025 and 100% by 2040. All of the strategies in this action plan support those targets.

This 2016 Energy Action Plan builds upon the 2013 American Samoa Energy Action Plan, 1 provides a progress update on the 2013 priority actions (Table 1), and adds new priority actions (Table 2). This document is intended to evolve along with the advancement of the projects and will be updated to reflect progress.  Download the complete 2016 American Samoa Energy Action Plan.



This document was prepared and facilitated by J. Erik Ness, Scott Haase and Misty Conrad of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory under the guidance of the American Samoa Renewable Energy Committee
Sponsored by the Department of the Interior Office of Insular Affairs