Windows to the Future: Islands as Innovators for a Renewable Energy Transition

flyerThe World Conservation Congress in Honolulu is rapidly approaching. Planet at the Crossroads will be September 1-10, 2016!

You are invited to attend the workshop Windows to the Future: Islands as Innovators for a Renewable Energy Transition on September 4, 11-13. This workshop aims to explore and build actionable frameworks for how islands can be models for sustainable renewable energy transitions while preserving natural ecosystems. For more information and registration see the website.

The urgency for small island nations to take significant action toward ending fossil fuel dependence and adopting renewable energy contributed to the historic 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Island nations around the world have made substantive plans and commitments towards 100% renewable energy, many by 2030 in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The environmental characteristics and isolation of island nations make them both at the front lines of the climate change threat and uniquely suited to employ renewable energy. The path that island nations pave towards a renewable energy future can not only improve island economies and resilience, but also inform global efforts to both mitigate and adapt to climate change.

This workshop explores how and why island states in the Caribbean and the Pacific are models for the adoption of strategies leading to 100% renewable energy that would enhance human well-being on islands and, at the same time, empower the preservation of the natural world.  The panel discussion includes presentations of case studies by island energy stakeholders that illustrate challenges and successes for island renewable energy planning applicable to Caribbean and Pacific island states.

A dynamic interactive session will follow the panel where all workshop participants will be invited to join in building a network of global island renewable energy stakeholders. Questions to be addressed include: How can equitable and sustainable solutions be tailored to address unique island characteristics in developing renewables? What frameworks can be developed for model replication for island nations and non-island nations alike to foster a broad fossil free future and avert climate change? How can stakeholders come together on a call to action on island renewables?