Making a Visible Difference in Communities

As a result of ASREC’s Manu’a Islands 100% Renewable Energy Initiative, this outer island group has been chosen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of 50 communities to participate in this innovative program.

(EPA website, March 2015) Environmental and public health impacts affect people most significantly where they live – at the community level. EPA is focused on providing better support to communities, especially in environmentally overburdened, underserved, and economically distressed areas where the needs are greatest. We are coordinating technical assistance and other resources across EPA programs, with States, Tribes, and local governments, and with other federal agencies to support communities as they pursue environmental improvements that enhance economic opportunity and quality of life. While we will continue to work in thousands of communities, we have identified more than 50 communities where we will focus action in the next two years. This work will be informed by a dialogue on the environmental and public health issues that matter most to these communities. Lessons learned through this work will be used to improve the support we provide to all communities in the future.